Dueltex Sloper & Edge Set

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Dueltex Sloper & Edge Set

Eight unique duel-texture holds in stunning ash hardwood. More pictures of the set on our instagram.

Hold 1: classic bone shape with textured edges of constantly changing angles and curvature.

Hold 2 & 3: Slopey pinches / crimps with two textured edges

Hold 4: incut tear drop shape with the textured zone tucked underneath

Hold 5: a slopey dome with a textured band wrapping over and round to quite a good edge in one spot

Hold 6: one of our 'wing' holds but with a flat textured edge rather than an incut

Hold 7: another bone with texture to one side and a shape that allows a good squeeze with the thumb

Hold 8: slopey hold with a textured ridge across the surface

High gloss finish with black texture to grip zones.

Beautiful natural grain to the wood.

Brass screw cups accept 5mm screws.

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